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Apostle Dr. Shel’don Hudson’s ministries and gifts are many. Being gifted with a strong anointing to teach, she is dedicated to equipping and educating mankind. It is her passion to educate and inspire mankind to receive and prosper in all they are destined to be and do. She accomplishes this by many avenues, mainly through her role as apostolic leader of Across All Boundaries Christian Church and Outreach Ministries of Columbia SC and Knoxville TN.

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Bishop Shel'don Hudson at Across All Boundaries Christian Church

Apostle Dr. Shel'don Hudson

Bishop Hudson was licensed in 1998 by Saint Luke Baptist Church to preach, ordained in 2000 by Gethsemane Baptist Association and consecrated by Arch Bishop Harris E. Clark of Kingdom Life Fellowship Int’l Inc. as a Bishop in 2005.


She is a graduate of Charleston County Public Schools and Truth Bible College, from which she has earned a Doctorate in Theology. Being true to her heart’s cry, she completed her studies of the Hebraic Language and after having worked in the secular world for over 25 years, she retired in 2001 as a 16-year veteran of Mack Trucks Inc Intl. 

She loves to encourage others to seek ownership of their dreams to be business owners and is known to be a “Builder of Men”, in that arena.

Dr. Hudson is a Poet, Author and Artist, who is best known for her popular and moving musical theaters, Broken Dolls, based on her book entitled the same and TD 3, based on the beautiful and haunting Resurrection story of the Christ ”. 

She has been married to Daniel Hudson for over thirty – five years and they are blessed to be the proud parents of four children and seven grandchildren, all of whom are the absolute joy of her life!

For all Yah BROUGHT Me out of last year, I will have no complaints about what He will TAKE Me through this year! 

His purpose; my good!


Apostle Dr. Shel'don Hudson

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